OmniScope CD Image

These are the Omniscope program, all modules, scripts and device driver.

Current Version is dated: 09-22-2020
## Use the most recent module software available! ##

Download the Omniscope_CD_Image_(date), extract and save the folder it contains to your C:\ drive as "Omniscope". Keeping it simply "Omniscope" makes your setup "conventional" and easier for us to help you with should you need a little assistance.
You should now have a folder C:\Omniscope, filled with the program, the modules & tools, scripts and device-drivers. The only thing it lacks is the key for your Omniscope 'Apox' box. You'll need to re-enter it within the Omniscope program. If your sticker/ password is missing, call us; we'll create another for you.

Omniscope does not otherwise require an "installation" as such, however, the device-driver "Install Drivers.exe" App does. Run it and reboot for proper operation.

The device-drivers are digitally-signed and compatible with all Windows Operating Systems XP through Win-10. However, Win-XP will still complain during the install process in that they don't meet/pass "the logo test" (ignore that bit) nor will it recognize the newer standards used in the signing process; use them _anyway_. Check the box: "Always trust Silverleaf" during installation.