TM-220/TM-225 - Heat/ Lights / Shades Controller


As a TM-220, this unit can interface to a Dometic or Aqua-Hot heating system or control up to 4 floor heat mats. Its capable of controlling up to 4 zones of heating. The TM-225 and TM-229 are the same hardware as the TM-220. The difference is in configuration.

TM-220 = Dometic (4 Outputs + 4 sensors)
TM-225 = Engine preheat and heat source of the Aqua-Hot. (4 Outputs + 4 sensors)
TM-229 = Tile Heat (4 Outputs, timed -or- using AS112 sensors) See the TM229 page.

The TM22x can be configured through the Omniscope diagnostic tool.