TM-550 - Wi-Fi -to- RV-C Bridge Interface

TM-550 WiFi -to- RV-C Bridge Interface Product Information Page

TM-550 Picture

The TM550 is the WiFi -to- RV-C/ J1939 Bridge Interface module for many RVC-based OEM coaches and aftermarket Engine monitoring. This mux allows connecting to the J1939 or RV-bus via pins 5 and 6.

If connected to J1939, it monitors engine & trans data when connected to a 9-PIN diagnostic port. When wired into the RV-C backbone, its used for controlling house functions (such as lights and curtains...) VMSpc and VMS-AIR need the J1939. RVC-AIR and RVC-Commander use the RV-C connection.

Version-1 Hardware: ADHOC connection and a bit sluggish to connect. This was later problematic with Android software beyond v4.12 (such as 4.22 and 4.4x) Also kicked out of the pool with Windows 8.x as it was deemed insecure and prone to hacking.

Version-2 Hardware: Access Point (AP mode) or Infrastructure. Connects faster and uses a pass code at Windows WiFi connection. None at App level. The pass code is two parts: 0000 and the units' 4-digit name ie 290C as seen as part of: SILVERLEAF-TM550 #290C So, pass code is 0000290C And IS case sensitive.