VMS 333 - Vehicle Monitoring System

VMS-333 Vehicle Monitoring System Product Info Page


J1939/J1708 Vehicle Interface
Monitors vehicle information via J1939 or J1587/J1708 data link. Provides standard VMS
functionality – Gauges, MPG, Trip, Diagnostics.

Tire Interface (PressurePro, Valor, TST)
Interfaces with several TPMS systems.

Warning Monitor
Monitors RV-C and engine information and provides “pop-up” warnings such as “Shore Cord”
or “Generator Starting”. The VMS350 includes four discrete inputs which can trigger additional
warnings such as “Cargo Door Open”

Video Matrix (VMS350 Only)
Provides a 7(in)x5(out) video switching matrix, controlled via RV-C and through dedicated
inputs for turn signals and other switch signals.

Remote-Mount Keyboard w/ Rotary Encoded
Rotary encoder is the primary UI, along with a two-button membrane keypad.

NTSC Video Overlay
Output displayed with a video overlay over NTSC video. Character-based display, with a
12x26 grid of 12x18 pixel characters. (Some monitors may support up to 13x30 characters.)

Internal clock/calendar.

Chassis Mobility Status Report (v3.08+)
The unit may be configured to report CHASSIS_MOBILITY_STATUS and
CHASSIS_MOBILITY_STATUS_2, with engine rpms, road speed, transmission status, and
steering angle.

It includes a "3-button" or "six-button" keyboard to manipulate the display. Text from the VMS333 can be overlaid with an existing video image such as from a backup camera.

As the generational jump from the VMS330, the '333 adds several capabilities: Additional monitoring (gauge) windows (or "pages") and an additional can port (RV-C).


3-button kbd