VMS 640~650 - Digital Dash (Engine/ Trans Monitor)

vms-645 piccy

VMS-600 series provide a full "digital dash" with every analog gauge and indicator replaced by precise, accurate and stylish digital images in a complete cluster replacement. Offered in Country Coach, ForeTravel, Newmar, Newell and others, “Glass Dash” is also available as an aftermarket addition for most newer diesel pushers. Each version is unique, programmed to the specifications of the coach builder.

These are follow-on products which began with the VMS-440 CL. Each have embedded-video on dash; very handy for Viewing a backup or side cams (including a tag-a-long and surrounding lanes.) This can be any camera convenient to the driver. With electronics based on the VMS640, the VMS-645 retains the 10.4" display while the VMS-650 sports a larger 15".

The system runs on custom code —written by Silverleaf engineers— it's not “Windows.”

It is reliable, bright and concise.