Xantrex Freedom SW series inverter

Xantrex Freedom SW inverter product page


Freedom SW3012 (Sinusoidal, 3kw, 12Vdc and 120VAC), Xanbus over RV-C [USA]
Part Number: 815-3012

Freedom SW3524 (Sinusoidal, 3kw, 24Vdc and 230VAC), Xanbus over RV-C [UK etc]

From the manual:
"The Freedom SW Inverter/Charger is a true sine wave inverter/charger that can be used for mobile, marine and commercial applications. The Freedom SW Inverter/Chargers are designed to operate with a wide variety of generators and are capable of operating in parallel with a generator for short durations to assist with starting large loads. The Freedom SW is a convenient combination of an inverter, multistage battery charger, and transfer switch in one electronic device.

The 2000 and 3000-Watt units are identical but for available power and labeling.

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