TM-350 - Video Matrix 7x5

TM350 - Video Matrix 7x5 Product Info Page

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The TM350 is a composite video switcher. It replaces the VDX404 by supplying 7-inputs and 5 composite output channels. All control and functions are managed via RV-c or Omniscope diagnostic tool through the RV-C data network. The TM350 is a common feature (behind the scenes) in highline OEM coaches. As a remote-switcher, it does not use a keyboard and lacks internal hardware for other functions such as Video Overlay, J1708 or Analog inputs. Its construction is otherwise rooted in the VMS350s' success in functionality and robust longevity.

Part Numbers
132395 - TM350 for Newmar

Scripts may be run through Omniscope to configure a TM350 to a specific configuration. Download scripts here: Scripts