TM-350 - Video Matrix 7x5

TM350 - Video Matrix 7x5 Product Info Page

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The TM350 is a composite video switcher. It replaces the VDX-404 by supplying 7-inputs and 5 composite output channels. All control and functions are managed via RV-c or Omniscope diagnostic tool through the RV-C data network. The TM350 is a common feature (behind the scenes) in highline OEM coaches. As a remote-switcher, it does not use a keyboard and lacks internal hardware for other functions such as Video Overlay, J1708 or Analog inputs. Its construction is otherwise rooted in the VM-350s' success in functionality and robust longevity.

Part Numbers
132395 - TM350 for Newmar

Scripts may be run through Omniscope to configure a TM350 to a specific configuration. Download scripts here: Scripts