2017 Mountain Aire, Essex and London Aire


SilverLeaf Products and Locations

HMS365(H) - House Monitor System - (amidship)
OA600 - Oasis RV-C Node - (Oasis Compartment)
SPX300 - RV-C Monitor, External - (Water Works Comp)
TM102 JS465 - Total Coach Controller - (Electrical / 'Cord' Compartment)
TM229 - Tile Heat Controller - (#4 Compartment, Door Side, back-ceiling or under the cover with the AC outlet. (Screwgun and flashlight!)
TM250 - AC Power Management Controller - (#4 Compartment, Door Side, Ceiling)
TM260 - Slide, Awning, and Motor Controller - (#4 Compartment, Door Side, Ceiling)
TM510 - Dometic Climate Control - (Front overhead, behind HMS365)
VMS333 - Vehicle Monitoring System - (Dash)
VMS350 - Vehicle Monitoring System - (Dash)

Interfacing Products

PD52DCS - Progressive Dynamics Transfer Switch - (Electrical Compartment/ 'Cord' Compartment)
1x Inverters -Xantrex SW RV-C inverters (Ditto)
Valor TPMS Internal sensors, Wand programmable. (Option)

Large 12x Bus-tap, mounted to bulkhead, DS #4 compartment, (? Back of Oasis? One damaged by warping/ tweeking of ABS plate. Exact cause unknown, may have been in mfg. Also seen damaged from Joy Bed movement.) Fubars RV-C, intermittent...