VMS 747 - v4 Digital Dash (Engine/ Trans Monitor)

VMS-747 "Digital Dash" product info page


The VMS747 or "v4 digital dash" is the newest generation of engine/transmission monitor found replacing the analog gauge cluster in the dash of a coach. Improvements over the earlier VMS647 include and are principally a faster processor and more memory.

The Glass Dash provides information to the driver such as speed, tach, coolant temperature, and mpg. It also logs trips and engine diagnostic codes. It gets this information from the J1708/J1587 or J1939 data bus. The VMS747 displays information using a 14" color, LED-backlit LCD display.

It is otherwise interchangeable with a VMS647 (in size and ops) and/ or the VMS645 (in operation--though wider).

The VMS747 also has multiple video input capability. Many coaches use the VMS647 to show the backup or side camera images.