Aladdin Retrofits

Aladdin RetroFits

The Aladdin systems were commonly installed by and in Monaco, Beaver, Safari and Holiday Rambler coaches from 2003 ~ 2009. 2007 was the last year parts were produced. Its a J1708-based multiplexed network of modules that communicate via a twisted pair of wires giving coach tanks, bay/outside temps, and power readings on the televisions and a dash-mounted monitor.

This system is comprised of several modules. 4-5 in the baggage compartment or plumbing bay, and 1 video interface in the overhead above the driver (or, within the dash), and joystick controller.

A collection of Silverleaf equipment is used to replace this system. It duplicates all features but Compass and Weather Station. These features are better suited to portable devices, such a Tablets and Cell phones, designed specifically for this dynamic connectivity and mapping.

Silverleaf Modules used to retrofit "Full Aladdin" systems until 2019. See file attachments below for current Gen 4 retrofit info:

TM102 - Total Coach Controller - Auto Gen Start (AGS), optionally Fill and pump valves.

TM240 - AC-DC Systems Data Collector - Gathers Amps & Volts; AC, DC and Solar inputs.

Garnet SeeLevel - Holding Tank Monitoring system. Replaces pressure sensor method with capacitive-pad type. This unit can communicate/ broadcast directly on the RV-C bus.

VDX404 - Video switcher - Used in combination with VMS330 in bulk of retrofits, to be replaced with single VMS-350. Used to capture and switch rear, side and internal/ optional cameras.

VMS330 - Vehicle Monitoring System - Single video i/o channel, used in combination with VDX-404 and dash mounted (existing) monitor.

VMS350 - Vehicle Monitoring System - Seven input, five video outputs used with dash mounted (existing) monitor.

SX309 - A specially made VMS330 for repeating the video and data on the rear (bedroom) tv.

TRC SurgeGuard Transfer Switch - Optional. A new unit can communicate/ broadcast directly on the RV-C bus.