WF-S610 - WFCO Smart Panel Backpack


The WF-S610 ["Wifco"] WFCO Smart Panel is a 'backpack' unit used on WFCO towables. It is a completely programmable and integrated house control and i/o system.

The complete system installed is comprised of a WF-S610 Smart Panel and one or more:

DB-100 - DC Distribution Board
DB-200 - H-Bridge Driver
SP-600 - RV-C 6-button Keypad
TM-555 - Rozie Telematics System

The WF-S610 appears somewhat as a total controller, much like a HMS-060 - House Monitor System or HMS-365 - House Monitor System in diesel pushers--except, it has most the control components integrated into a small, single footprint, rather than discrete nodes, or, 'black boxes.'

It manages:
Water Heater
Tank Monitoring for up to 6 holding tanks
Three Temperature Sensor inputs
Two Climate Zones

A small touch panel is the mounted interface and Rozie telematics as a browser based interface using the RV-C network. WiFi or Cellular for outward-facing connections are used for remote control and monitoring.