TM-2000 / 2020 - A/C + WH + Fan(s) Controller

The TM-2000 includes the following features. As many as four TM-2000 units may be installed in an RV.

Ambient Temperature and Thermostat
The TM-2000 monitors three external temperature sensors, and broadcasts the current readings.

Air Conditioning Control
The unit controls three roof air conditioning units, including Hi and Lo Fan settings and Heat. A configurable dead band prevents excessive cycling.
The Heat can be configured to be used only when either/or 50A Shore or Generator power is available.

The unit serves as the thermostat for all air conditioning units. The thermostat features are controlled through any RV-C control panel or device.

AC Power Management
One unit in the network may be designated a Master unit. This unit will monitor the status of the AC power, and suppress the number of AC units that will run at one time according to a configurable table. The decision of which zone has priority is based on the difference between the current set point and the actual temperature.

AC Settling
The unit monitors the transfer switch, and upon detecting a change in transfer status automatically turns off the A/C compressors for any units currently operating. It then restores the compressor power to each A/C individually, to prevent a large initial load from overwhelming the power source.

Secondary Heat Management
Allows the automatic management of a secondary heat source. Echoes the Thermostat heat settings to a second set of Thermostats, and sets the Operating Mode according to circumstances. Can be set to use one or the other heat sources, both, or automatically switch according to the outside air temperature.
The echo process only echoes the Thermostat Commands. The scheduling is disabled on the secondary heat.

TM-2020 can be configured for supporting different applications/ projects(depends on build) and on-board dip-switch.

Current applications/projects supported are:
– Triple-E project (connected to 1~4 Dometic AC units, Roof Fan unit);
– Sports Mobile (use 1 Danhard AC unit, 1 Espar Heat unit)
– TM293 application (Rixen Furnace heating)
– TM200 application

Up to four TM-2020s may be installed in an RV.

Three on-board temperature sensors

Up to four Dometic ACs, including Hi and Lo Fan settings
and Heat; configurable dead-band.

Single unit acts as Master. Additional units as slaves.

Roof Vent control (Dometic) RS-485 as Primary or Secondary fans.

Water Heater outputs on J10

TM2020 Original hardware, uses 3 Temp inputs
TM2021 Modified for Triple E coach (SEE APPDOC)

Uses Chassis Battery input and Water pump switch input

See the AppDoc for more gory details