HMS-707 - House Monitor System

HMS-707 - House Monitor System Product Info Page


The HMS707 touch screen interface replaces the HMS360/365. Its wider, 6" screen is wider, richer and sharper. This upgraded model is otherwise considered a further extension of the HMS line which began with the HMS060 Total Coach Monitor.

The HMS707 alows the user to manage all 'house' functions. This may include HVAC (Aircons-to-diesel/electric heat), the holding tanks, various pumps, water fill/ valve(s), 120VAC and 12Vdc systems, inverter, transfer switch and generator. It can have 'button files' selected to add even more functions such as shades, awnings and lighting.

The HMS707 can process video via a single composite input. That processed video can then be output serially, and if wired to a TM555 or LR125, can port those 1/2frames of VGA onto the RVC bus, usable by the Rozie telematics system. These images are then available via the cloud for when one logs into Rozie Telematics can be added to any RVC coach; one-off to OEM.