The ePlex system was used by Newmar (through MY2011) to manage the house and chassis functions on their highline coaches.

Our RVC (Can-Bus for RVs) system has been used instead since MY2012. In theory and practice these ePlex versions can be retrofitted to the same RV-C system. In practice, we've converted one, Newmar converted one. We each found it's ...difficult... A refit for a system with lighting/shades (etc) requires a significant tear-down and more than a month if a small team is available. We don't have that available. No one does ...however...

We've collected much of the documentation on the original systems and are sharing this, as-is, temporarily. Our goal is to further the discussions on retrofitting. We are not able to actually do these as we just don't have the manpower required for the many labor-weeks needed for a single job. You may want to start collecting too. Start with finances; a retrofit is likely to be more-than $30k.

[As engineers and techs, we also understand the hardship of this--but must also convey the facts sooner than later.]

Currently, there is no specific group or shop able to refit for Silverleaf or the RV-C network. This _will_ change. Its hoped that the info we do provide will further this end. Best wishes--and stay tuned. We are actively looking for partners for this project.

April 2019