Xantrex XC-Pro 2000W inverter

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Freedom XC-Pro (Sinusoidal, 2kw, 12Vdc and 120VAC), RV-C [USA]
Part Number: 815-3012

From the manual:
"The Freedom XC PRO 2000 inverter charger provides up to 2000 watts of continuous utility grade, sine wave power derived from a battery bank. It is designed to handle loads such as microwave ovens, TVs, DVD/Blu-ray players, and power tools. In addition, the Freedom XC PRO 2000’s high-surge capability lets you handle many hard-to-start loads, including full size residential refrigerators.
The built-in transfer switch automatically transfers between inverter power and shore power from recreational facilities such as boat docks or campsites to ensure power is always available.

Back-up Capability
If incoming shore power is interrupted by external events like brownouts, the Freedom XC PRO 2000 automatically becomes an independent power source that supplies utility grade AC power to your loads.

Comprehensive Protection
The Freedom XC PRO 2000’s built-in protection features safeguard your batteries (from unnecessary drain) such as the low battery voltage alarm and shutdown and protect equipment such as a configurable AC transfer speed.

• Selectable Low Battery Shutdown: The low battery
shutdown for the inverter charger can be manually
selected by the user from 10.1 to 12.8 VDC.

• Low Voltage Shutdown Delay Timer: Configurable
from 1 to 300 seconds to reduce an unnecessary
shutdown of inverter operation such as during
cranking or other brief but heavy discharge of battery.

• Inverter Power Save: The Freedom XC PRO 2000
can be programmed to automatically turn off after 1
to 25 hours of continued operation of loads that are
under 50 watts. It is designed, with LBCO (low
battery cut off), to prevent the battery from deep

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