TM-101 - 'IOMaster' data collector

TM-101 'IOMaster' data collector Product Info Page

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The TM-101 is data collector interface which can be used for several systems in the coach. The most common configuration is to use it to interface with the tank systems of the coach. In this configuration it can monitor the fresh, black, gray tanks, lpg tank, as well as control the water fill and pump. The other common configuration is is that it can be used to collect chassis information to the digital dash. It monitors the air brakes, fuel tank, and the various dash indicators like blinkers and high beams. The TM101 may have a 4 pin power plug or a 12 pin power plug. See part number list for details on TM101 configurations.

Part Numbers
JS401 - TM101 Data collector for digital dash (4-pin power)
JS402 - TM101 for Catcon tank sensors (4-pin power)
JS440 - TM101 Data collector for digital dash
JS441 - TM101 for Catcon tank sensors
JS442 - TM101 for 4 touch sensors
JS443 - TM101 for Royale Coach
JS444 - TM101 for up to 10 touch sensors