2006 Magna/Affinity (#6520 - 6690)

SilverLeaf Products and Locations

VMS200EL or VMS240CL
Dash, 240 replaces 200 starting September 2005
VMS616CL optional
TM101 JS401/JS440 optional (included if VMS616 installed)
Under dash
HMS060 HS060
In cabinet behind driver seat
PM002 JS713/JS728/JS721
Behind dash
PS102 PowerSlave module (If Powertech genny)
Behind dash
TM101 JS441
Inside bay forward of tank bay (driver side), under a cover
SmarTire JIB optional
Electrical bay under driver seat

Interfacing Products

Cat C13 525hp
Allison 4000MH (WTEC v8 or J1939)
ProSine 3.0 (1 or 2)
OnanQD 12.5kW optional: PowerTech 12kW
Transfer Switch
SurgeGuard 40250
Tank Sensors
Catcon Pressure Sensors

The C13 engine in this model year was plagued with fuel reporting problems. This can be corrected with an engine update. The transmission transitions in this model year from communicating on the J1708 bus to the J1939 bus.

J1939 - coach #6617 and up for ISX
J1939 - coach #6657 and up for C13
new Powertech brain - coach #6572