VMSpc - Engine & Transmission Monitor

VMSpc Engine & Transmission Monitor (via PC) Product Page


The VMSpc is a engine/transmission monitor for a PC using a software/Hardware combo package. It provides information to the driver such as speed, tach, coolant temperature, and mpg. It also logs trips and engine diagnostic codes. It gets this information through a VMSpc JIB connected to the J1939 and/ or J1708/J1587 data bus.


The USB JIB uses a USB-B -to- 'A' connection. Some smaller tablets will have only a "Micro-USB". This won't work. That limitation is one of several for that 'architecture' which are show-stoppers. See further notes below.

The Bluetooth JIB uses single channel BT connectivity.

The WiFi JIB uses either AP/ Infrastructure (hardware v2.x)

This is a popular aftermarket product.

[On Tablets with Micro-USB: The chip-set that uses the micro-sized USB as its sole connection also leaves out any other method of charging. In this product, one _will_ charge the battery if power is applied and, while it is, cannot use the USB port for anything else. This is by design; an aggressive method to differentiate the market--making for a very inexpensive tablet. This prevents the VMS jib from working...at all.]