Catcon Tank Sensors

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The Catcon tank sensor is essentially a pressure transducer. It screws into a fitting at the bottom of the tank and gives us level based on the pressure produced by the contents of the tank. Most sensors use a RJ11 (phone) connector. Some have wires that come out of the sensor. For this kind the wires are Red (5V power), Black (ground), and Blue (sensor output).

The SilverLeaf TM101 or TM102 connects to the sensors using a phone cable. If the sensor does not have a phone connection, we use a phone to molex adapter (part# MS703).

Troubleshooting Hints
Corrosion at the phone connector is a common issue with the sensors. To prevent this, a dab of antioxidant paste should be applied to the contacts of the male-potion of the connector.
Sensors can also simply go bad by having tank contents get into the sensor electronics. Typically a bad sensor will read an empty tank all the time but some may read high when the tank is empty.

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