Coach Monitor Panel (CMP)

CMP Product Info Page

The CMP is used exclusively in Safari and Beaver MotorCoaches. It provides information on the tank levels, electrical systems, and outside air temperature. The panel uses an alphanumeric display and an LED matrix to display this information. It obtains this information through a series of DSIs (Distributed Sensor Interfaces) on an RS-485 network. This network can also be connected to a CMP JIB, PM-001, or PM-002 so that the same information can be displayed on a VMS.
There are two models of the CMP: CMP-10 and CMP-20. The CMP-20 added temperature and changed the way it communicates certain items. For this reason a change was made in the SilverLeaf modules to compensate. A v1.4 PM-001/PM002 or later is required for the CMP-20. The CMP JIB will only work for the CMP-10.

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