VMS 120 LC

40RVPP 5/9/08

This is the first release of version 4 software. This is for PressurePro Tire Pressure monitoring.

J1708/J1587 Programming Tools

This is the Software to Update the first and second generation VMS products. You will need an RS-232 to J1708 adapter to use this software.

The Windows Version (VMSsxWin) of VMSsx is the preferred version to use. The DOS Version (VMSsx)can be used if there is Issues.

40RV02 10/23/07

VMS120 code

30RV04 6/22/06

Version 3 software

VMS120 Firmware

VMS 120LC - Engine & Transmission Monitor

VMS120LC Engine & Transmission Monitor Product Info Page

vms120 piccy

The VMS120LC is a engine/transmission monitor found in the dash of a coach. It provides information to the driver such as speed, tach, coolant temperature, and mpg. It also logs trips and engine diagnostic codes. It gets this information from the J1708/J1587 data bus. The VMS120 is the smallest of the VMS line of products with a small monochrome LCD graphic display.

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