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SilverLeaf Products and Locations

RV-C port - ODS, rear-most of main slide in OHC.

DB100 - DC Distribution Board - (Load Center, aft )
DB200 - H-Bridge Driver - (Inverter Compartment, DS, mid)
HMS365 - House Monitor System 2x - (Front Bath/ Hall & Entry)
OA600 - Oasis RV-C Node - (Oasis Compartment, in metal box?)

TM-520 - RS232 -to- RV-C Bridge Interface

TM-520 - RS232 -to- RV-C Bridge Interface Product Information Page


The TM520 is a generic Serial -to- RV-C Bridge Interface module. This unit interfaces the RV-C system to attached units needing RS232 serial information.

TM520 product is based on SilverLeaf CB520 hardware, which implements the interface between CAN (RVC or J1939) bus and RS232 serial port.

TM520 can detect CAN bus speed (500Kbits / 250KBits) and adapt its CAN interface automatically.

TM520 uses the fixed baudrate (115200bps) for RS232 serial port.

OmniScope CD Image

These are the Omniscope program, all modules, scripts and device driver.

Current Version is dated: 01-24-2019
## Use the most recent module software available! ##

Download the Omniscope_CD_Image_(date), extract and save the folder it contains to your C:\ drive as "Omniscope". Keeping it simply "Omniscope" makes your setup "conventional" and easier for us to help you with should you need a little assistance.

APOX Driver

Legacy USBCAN Driver (2007), Works on Windows up through Vista.
If not Vista, use the latest driver, circa 2015.

TM-240 - AC-DC Systems Data Collector

TM240 Systems (power) Data Collector Product Info Page
As a data collector, The TM240 reads Voltage and Amperage readings and supplies them (as well as the related errors) to the RV-C bus. Its inputs include AC, DC and Solar.

While principally suited for all Diesel coaches, its also a replacement solution as part of the Monaco/ Navistar/ Fleetwood's Aladdin upgrade system we supply.

TM-555 - Telematics Adapter and Gateway

The TM555 is a multi-I/O interface for use with the telematics system. It acts as a gateway from coach to secure, external services, for coach monitoring and management.

As an RVC bridge, it will output the coach environment as related by the outputing sensors on the RV-C network. This includes Tank Levels, Voltages AC & DC, Charger/ Inverter status, Heat & Cooling (zones) status and locks (when equipped.)

TM-102 Configuration Tools

The TM102 software is covered more completely in the Distribution Disk download. Its also hosted through the Support website.

Art @

Generic Diagnostic Module

This module provides minimal diagnostic code interpretation for any RV-C compliant device. Copy both files to your OmniScope directory to install. No additional key code is required.

RV-C Downloader

These are all the Downloader Tools. Use the tools marked for HMStv ONLY for the TV. Its the _dangerous_ version but won't soft-brick the box. The newer tool WILL soft-brick the HMStv.

Use the Downloader (04-130-2015) version for all else--as it has the necessary timing fixes for Win-7 and above.

APOX Driver

APOX Driver for OmniScope

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