Aladdin Retrofits

Aladdin RetroFits

The Aladdin systems were commonly installed by and in Monaco, Beaver, Safari and Holiday Rambler coaches from 2003 ~ 2009. 2007 was the last year parts were produced. Its a J1708-based multiplexed network of modules that communicate via a twisted pair of wires giving coach tanks, bay/outside temps, and power readings on the televisions and a dash-mounted monitor.

Xantrex Freedom SW series inverter

Xantrex Freedom SW inverter product page


Freedom SW3012 (Sinusoidal, 3kw, 12Vdc and 120VAC), non RV-C (Xanbus)[USA]
Freedom SW3524 (Sinusoidal, 3kw, 24Vdc and 230VAC), non RV-C (Xanbus)[UK etc]

From the manual:

LR-125 - Local Rozie

LR125 Product Info Page


The LR125 is an In-Vehicle Linux Server when part of the Rozie system.
In many respects it can act like a TM550 WiFi module. However, where a TM550 is limited to a single user, the LR125 may have many users.

Booting time is near-instantaneous.

Interface is web (browser) based and portable 'app.'

In-use Connections:
CAN - to RV-C coach
V-Bus - KIB system (optional)
WiFi - to local user

TM-350 - Video Matrix 7x5

TM350 - Video Matrix 7x5 Product Info Page

TM-350-Right.jpg TM-350-Left.jpg


VMS 747 - v4 Digital Dash (Engine/ Trans Monitor)

VMS-747 "Digital Dash" product info page


The VMS747 or "v4 digital dash" is the newest generation of engine/transmission monitor found replacing the analog gauge cluster in the dash of a coach. Improvements over the earlier VMS647 include and are principally a faster processor and more memory.

SP-600 - RV-C 6-button Keypad

SP600 Product Info Page


The SP600 is a wall-mounted, 6-button RV-C control unit which is used for Managing up to 6 unique functions via the RV-C network. Each of the 6 buttons are individually addressable. They may be used individually or in pairs for advanced functions. This may be for (lighting) Dimmers, Water Pump, motors or others on a design-by design basis within the RV-C controlled house systems of a coach or towable.

DB-200 - H-Bridge Driver

DB-200 Product Info Page


The DB-200 is similar to the original DB-100 DC-switching unit. This unit however uses H-Bridge(s) to drive up to six DC motor loads directly. Nominal max is 4Amp per motor, 15Amp trip. These, like the DB100, are controlled via 'digital circuit breaker' progamability. Initially, this is on a design-by design basis within the house systems of a coach or towable.

DB-100 - DC Distribution Board

DB-100 Product Info Page


The DB-100 is a DC-switching unit which is used for Managing up to 10 DC loads of 1 to 13 Amps. This may be (lighting) Dimmers, Locks, Water Pump or others on a design-by design basis within the house systems of a coach or towable. It uses the ubiquitous RV-C CAN-BUS found in modern coaches or those retrofitted for this.

DB-100 Part Numbers


Diagnostics port, front:

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