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With this web page you can find all sorts of valuable technical information about SilverLeaf Products and how they interface with the systems of a motor home. Visit our archives to access this information. You will not need to have a login account unless you wish to download information.

SilverLeaf Product Archive - Find information on every SilverLeaf product here. Product manuals, wiring documents, and troubleshooting hints may be found here.

Interfacing Product Archive - Any product that SilverLeaf interfaces with can be found here.

Coach Archive - An archive of coaches where SilverLeaf systems are factory installed. Includes information on where in the coach our products are located and what systems are interfaced.

If you need to talk to someone here at SilverLeaf, feel free to call us at 541-967-8111 ask for tech support and be prepared to describe the issue thoroughly. Remember, we do have a Shop Rate Listing and it is better to call us sooner than later.


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Newmar has put together a 2019 'Owners Guide' for each of the newest highline models. These are more similar-than-not to the previous models and so are quite valuable. While its a bit large (approx. 12MB) the helpful detail can be seen here for the New Aire Owners Guide or the King Aire version for the expanded package.

Newmar Corporation
355 N. Delaware Street

2018 - 2019 New Aire


SilverLeaf Products and Locations

HMS365(H) - House Monitor System - (amidship)
OA600 - Oasis RV-C Node - (Oasis Compartment)
SPX300 - RV-C Monitor, External - (Water Works Comp)
TM102 JS466 - Total Coach Controller - (Bay-3 Drivers)
TM229 - Tile Heat Controller - (Central OH, dash)

IS-160 - Extention Board

IS-160 Product Info Page


The IS-160 is an I/O extention board for the TM-102. It adds 10 active low outputs and 6 active high outputs to the TM-102. It is connected to the I2C port (often labeled "Temp") of the TM-102.

HMS-365 - House Monitor System

HMS-365 - House Monitor System Product Info Page

HMS365 paster.jpg

The HMS365 replaces the HMS360 with a more sensitive touch-screen, more memory along with a better processor. This upgraded model is otherwise an interchangeable unit with the HMS060, HMS062 and HMS360. Its the current monitor & control panel for the house systems of the coach. It uses a touch screen rather than physical buttons for its user interface.

2015 Advanced RV

====This is IN WORK (Art)=====
SilverLeaf Products and Locations

For configurations see clone files on server.

(1 per coach)
TM102 JS455
Kavlico Sensors
Engine “Generator”
Type 2. Crank 0-1-1
Outback Interface
DC Monitor (Inst 249)
Water Pump
Charge Bridge
LP Tank
Floor Heat

WF-S610 - WFCO Smart Panel Backpack


The WF-S610 ["Wifco"] WFCO Smart Panel is a 'backpack' unit used on WFCO towables. It is a completely programmable and integrated house control and i/o system.

The complete system installed is comprised of a WF-S610 Smart Panel and one or more:

DB-100 - DC Distribution Board
DB-200 - H-Bridge Driver
SP-600 - RV-C 6-button Keypad
TM-555 - Rozie Telematics System

Aladdin Retrofits

Aladdin RetroFits

The Aladdin systems were commonly installed by and in Monaco, Beaver, Safari and Holiday Rambler coaches from 2003 ~ 2009. 2007 was the last year parts were produced. Its a J1708-based multiplexed network of modules that communicate via a twisted pair of wires giving coach tanks, bay/outside temps, and power readings on the televisions and a dash-mounted monitor.

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