TM-220/TM-225 - Heat/ Lights / Shades Controller


As a TM-220, this unit can interface to a Dometic or Aqua-Hot heating system or control up to 4 floor heat mats. Its capable of controlling up to 4 zones of heating. The TM-225 and TM-229 are the same hardware as the TM-220. The difference is in configuration.

TM-220 = Dometic (4 Outputs + 4 sensors)
TM-225 = Engine preheat and heat source of the Aqua-Hot. (4 Outputs + 4 sensors)
TM-229 = Tile Heat (4 Outputs, timed -or- using AS112 sensors) See the TM229 page.

TM-200 - A/C Controller

TM200 A/C Controller Product Info Page

TM-200 Picture

The TM-200 controls up to 3 roof top air conditioners. Multiple units can be used for more A/Cs. DIP switches on the unit determine the network address and which zones are controlled. The TM200 also monitors the transfer switch amperage so that the air conditioners don't overload the circuits. The TM200 may also control the roof airs as a heat pump. The TM200 can be configured through the Omniscope diagnostic tool.

TM-102 - Total Coach Controller

TM102 Total Coach Controller Product Info Page

TM-102 Picture


VDX 404 - Automotive Video Switch

VDX 404 Automotive Video Switch

vdx404 piccy

The VDX404 is a 4 input to 4 output video switcher. It can take 4 video signals and route it to 4 monitors in any combination. Switching can be configured through the RV-C service tool.

For more information go to: SilverLeaf Video Switch

TM-292 - Newmar Freightliner-Trimark Bridge


The TM292 is a TM220 which has been specifically adapted for Newmar.

The Freightliner chassis comes with a key-fob (for push-button start), and this unit takes outputs from the controller and sends certain commands to the Trimark lock controller when certain buttons are pushed.

2017 Mountain Aire, Essex and London Aire


SilverLeaf Products and Locations

HMS365(H) - House Monitor System - (amidship)
OA600 - Oasis RV-C Node - (Oasis Compartment)
SPX300 - RV-C Monitor, External - (Water Works Comp)
TM102 JS465 - Total Coach Controller - (Electrical / 'Cord' Compartment)

2008 / 2009 Allure

SilverLeaf Products and Locations

VMS240CL optional
TM102 JS457/JS461 optional
430 (Hood River): behind electrical panel, driver side galley
470: behind panel in bathroom under sink
470 (Crane Prairie): maybe(?) behind electrical panel, driver side galley
4xx (Veranda): maybe(?) Driver Side Two Bays in front of Plumming Bay

Interfacing Products

2008 Newell

SilverLeaf Products and Locations

Overhead compartment above dash
Under dash
HMS062 HS066

Note: Wiring for this is odd: B- is Grn, B+ Red W/Blk, D+ Blk, D- Red

TM102 JS454
In tank bay against wall (driver side)
In Tank Bay

Interfacing Products

SilverLeaf Product Archive

This book includes pages for technical information on SilverLeaf products.

2010 Magna

Floorplan: Rembrandt
SilverLeaf Products and Locations

In hallway next to bathroom (passenger side)
TM102 JS457
Center bay compartment with inverter
(Waste Tank Management)
In with TM102, Center Bay with Inverter
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