TM-502 - Magnum Inverter Interface

TM502 Magnum Inverter Interface Product Info Page

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The TM502 interfaces to the Magnum MS or ME series of inverters over its serial RS485 port.

2016 King Aire


SilverLeaf Products and Locations

HMS365(H) - House Monitor System - (amidship)
OA600 - Oasis RV-C Node - (Oasis Compartment)
SPX300 - RV-C Monitor, External - (Water Works Comp)
TM102 JS465 - Total Coach Controller - (Electrical / 'Cord' Compartment)

Coach Installation Archive

This book provides an organized record of all SilverLeaf OEM packages.

VMS 240CL - Engine & Transmission Monitor

VMS240 Engine & Transmission Monitor Product Info Page

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Interfacing Product Archive

This book documents products that SilverLeaf interfaces with.

Garnet SeeLevel Tank Sensors

Garnet SeeLevel Tanks Sensor product page


The SeeLevel tank sensor is a flexible self adhesive printed circuit board which is stuck to the side of the holding tank. The sender can be cut to length to match the height of the tank, and it auto calibrates itself so that it can read from Empty to Full regardless of the height of the tank.

There are two models that SilverLeaf can interface with:

709-RP Garnet panel connects to TM102 tank inputs
709-A RVC Garnet panel connects directly to RV-C data bus

TM-120 - Chassis Data Collector

TM-120 - Chassis Data Collector Product Info Page


Feature Summary Description(from the App Doc)

The TM120 collects data from analog and digital inputs from a chassis and broadcasts it via J1939 and/or RV-C. It is intended to support the installation of a VMS600-series Glass Dash. In this configuration, its principally collecting the brakes' Air Tank pressure(s.)

The TM120 can be configured through the Omniscope diagnostic tool.


TM-555 - Telematics Adapter and Gateway

The TM555 is a multi-I/O interface for use with the telematics system. It acts as a gateway from coach to secure, external services, for coach monitoring and management.

As an RVC bridge, it will output the coach environment as related by the outputing sensors on the RV-C network. This includes Tank Levels, Voltages AC & DC, Charger/ Inverter status, Heat & Cooling (zones) status and locks (when equipped.)

2013 King Aire

SilverLeaf Products and Locations

TM102 JS455
Passenger side bay 4: Behind the ABS cover -or- Back wall, up with the KIB -or- (on some) between the frame rails.
Behind HMS360, front.

TM-399 - Chassis Bridge

TM399 Chassis Bridge Product Info Page

TM-vm-wm-generic Picture

The TM-399 module provides a bridging function between the RV-C (with DSA-252) and J1939 busses. Its hardware is based on the VMS333 board. The 6-pin connector is not used.

It Reads from J1939:
PGN 0xF004 – Engine RPMs
PGN 0xFEF1 – Vehicle Speed
PGN 0xF005 – Gear Selected, Gear Attained

then, Transmits on RV-C:
Chassis Mobility Status (DGN 0x1FFF4)
Engine RPMs
Vehicle Speed
Gear Selected
Gear Attained

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