Spartan Chassis


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2015 Allure

2015 Allure System Overview

SilverLeaf Products and Locations

VMS 645 Glass Dash
TM102X Chassis Data Collector
HMS365 Color Touchscreen
TM200 A/C Controller
TM225 AquaHot Controller
TM102 Multipurpose Controller
TM502 Magnum Inverter Controller

Connected Devices - House

Magnum 3000W Hybrid Inverter
Onan 12.5K QD Genset
SeeLevel Tank Sensors w/ LPG
Autofill Solenoid
RVProducts A/C. Three zones, heat pump, not inverter powered.
AquaHot. Two interior zones, One basement zone, Engine preheat

2014 Chinook

SilverLeaf Products and Locations

TM-102 - Total Coach Controller
{edit Location...unk. (passenger side?)
TM-200 - A/C Controller RV Products Control Board feeds Coleman-Mach Aircon
Center bay compartment with inverter?
TM502 Magnum Inverter Interface to Magnum Inverter ms2812
TM-540 Bluetooth JIB

Outback FlexMax 60/80

FLEXmax Product Info Page



The FLEXmax family of charge controllers is an Maximum Power Point (MPPT) charge
controller. A charge controller’s main function is to optimize a PV array’s output which can fluctuate based on shading and temperature variables found on the average roof.

The FLEXmax MPPT software algorithm is both continuous
and active, increasing photovoltaic array power yield up to
30% compared to non-MPPT controllers...snip...

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

2014 Advanced RV

SilverLeaf Products and Locations

For configurations see clone files on server.

(1 per coach)
TM102 JS455
incl. AGS, Autofill, Pump
Single zone. No heat.
Rixen Furnace Control (modified TM200 w/ MS717 adapter)
Wifi Bridge

Interfacing Products

TM-509 - AGS Forcer

TM-509 AGS Forcer Product Info Page

NOT FOUND: TM-102.jpg


TM-295 - Fuel Interface Module

TM295 Fuel Interface Module Product Info Page

VMS-295 / 330 Picture

The TM-295 is a specially programmed VMS-330 designed to support the use of the BEP Ultrasonic Tank Sensor or any other analog sensor. It provides fuel tank (level), i/o status and Temperature

TM-180 - Waste Controller

TM-180 Waste Control Product Info Page

TM-vm-wm-generic Picture

This full featured module enables Manual operation of waste valves when it is not in Automatic mode. When in Automatic, it acts as a safety to close valves when coach begins to move. The unit will run Sanicon in timed-mode when a valve is opened and supports an Additive pump.

TM-296 - (Aladdin) DC Systems Data Collector

TM296 (commonly called "Aladdin DC Module")
DC Systems Data Collector Product Info Page



The TM296 acts as DC/Current monitor-interface.
It has two ports each for Volts (0 - 18V) and Amps (up to 300A.)
Its largely been replaced by the more capable TM240 AC-DC Systems Data Collector.

Martin Diesel Generators


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Martin Generators

Quick link to 20kw:

(MODEL 200)

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