TM-102 - Total Coach Controller

TM102 Total Coach Controller Product Info Page

TM-102 Picture

The TM102 monitors and controls a number of systems in the coach and may be controlled with a VMS, HMS, or Omniscope diagnostic tool through the RV-C data network. The TM102 may monitor the tanks systems (fresh, gray, black, lpg), electrical systems (inverter, generator, transfer switch), and many other systems in the coach (tile heat, temperatures, awning, etc.) depending on its configuration. It also is the logic and rules behind the auto-genstart system (AGS). The TM102 can be configured through the Omniscope diagnostic tool.

Part Numbers
JS450 - TM102 for Country Coach (Onan)
JS451 - TM102 for Country Coach (Powertech)
JS452 - TM102 for Western Apex
JS453 - TM102 for Royale
JS454 - TM102 for Newell
JS455 - TM102 for Foretravel
JS456 - TM102 for Country Coach Bus
JS457 - TM102 for 07 Country Coach
JS459 - TM102 for Western Apex (485 Onan)
JS460 - TM102 for Foretravel Nimbus
JS461 - TM102 for 07 Country Coach (485 Onan)
JS467 - TM102 for Newell (Surgeguard/Outback)
JS468 - TM102 for Newmar
JS469 - TM102 for American Coach (Fleetwood)
JS472 - TM102 for Advanced RV
JS475 - TM102 for Fleetwood

Scripts may be run through Omniscope to configure a TM102 to a specific configuration. Download scripts here: Scripts