40RV32 4/2/10

VMS240 software

41RVPP 11/19/09

This is for a non-RVC coach, with PressurePro Tire Pressure monitoring. This second edition of the code adds more engines and support for old Detroits.

40RV28 1/15/10

VMS240 Software

40RVPP 5/9/08

This is the first release of version 4 software. This is for PressurePro Tire Pressure monitoring.


HMS360a - regular production version
HMS360b - onan hybrid generator + TM200/220 climate control system
HMS360c - onan hybrid generator
HMS360d - TM200/220 climate control system

40RV19 3/19/08

VMS240 Software

Important revisions
1. Fix for J1939 transmission mode.

40RV15 10/17/07

VMS240 software

Important revisions
1. ignores engine diagnostic fault 51 5 "Throttle Position Low Current". This fault is coming up on C15 engines at Country
Coach because of a Cat bug/misconfig. We are ignoring the fault because Cat can't figure out how to fix it.
2. ignore J1939 bridge fault if engine is not on (if we don't receive engine data).

APOX Driver

APOX Driver for OmniScope

HS065 - TCS - 10FC23


Fixed Shore Power status with Single Inverter and removed Inverter Reset Code.

HS068 - HMS062 for Millennium RV-C

HS068 - HMS062 for Millennium RV-C

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