RV-C Tools

OmniScope CD Image

These are the Omniscope program, all modules, scripts and device driver.

Current Version is dated: 09-22-2020
## Use the most recent module software available! ##

Download the Omniscope_CD_Image_(date), extract and save the folder it contains to your C:\ drive as "Omniscope". Keeping it simply "Omniscope" makes your setup "conventional" and easier for us to help you with should you need a little assistance.

APOX Driver

Legacy USBCAN Driver (2007), Works on Windows up through Vista.
If not Vista, use the latest driver, circa 2015.

TM-102 Configuration Tools

The TM102 software is covered more completely in the Distribution Disk download. Its also hosted through the Support website.

Art @ simply-smarter.com

Generic Diagnostic Module

This module provides minimal diagnostic code interpretation for any RV-C compliant device. Copy both files to your OmniScope directory to install. No additional key code is required.

RV-C Downloader

These are all the Downloader Tools. Use the tools marked for HMStv ONLY for the TV. Its the _dangerous_ version but won't soft-brick the box. The newer tool WILL soft-brick the HMStv.

Use the Downloader (04-130-2015) version for all else--as it has the necessary timing fixes for Win-7 and above.

OmniScope Scripts

Scripts may be run through Omniscope to test or configure components on the RV-C network. Most scripts found here are used to setup a RV-C device before being released for sale. They're great for 'dropping' onto a given RV-C module to set everything just as it was when new.

Download the latest comprehensive collection of scripts here, or, as part of the latest release of the 'CD Image' here.

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Country Coach Configuration Scripts

Here are the latest Country Coach configuration scripts. These should be run whenever the TM-102 is reprogrammed or changed. Note that you need to know whether certain options are installed on the coach before you run the script.

To install the scripts, simply copy both the .SCP files and the .RVC files into the Omniscope directory.

OmniScope Modules

Here you will find the latest OmniScope CD Image. We'll include a couple general purpose modules that may apply to any manufacturer as well. Otherwise, use the CD image as a method to download the latest tools, manual, device drivers and modules.

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