VMS 640 CL

VMS 647 - Digital Dash (Engine/ Trans Monitor)

VMS647 "Digital Dash" product info page


The VMS647 or "digital dash" is a engine/transmission monitor found replacing the analog gauge cluster in the dash of a coach. It provides information to the driver such as speed, tach, coolant temperature, and mpg. It also logs trips and engine diagnostic codes. It gets this information from the J1708/J1587 or J1939 data bus. The VMS647 displays information using a 12" color, LED-backlit LCD display.

OnGuard (Meritor WABCO)

OnGuard™ Collision Safety Systems product page

Meritor WABCO’s OnGuard™ is the first commercial vehicle Collision Safety System with Active Braking. OnGuard can assist the driver in maintaining a safe following distance and helps avoid or reduce the impact of rear-end collisions by braking as needed.


Spartan Chassis


For more information go to Spartan's web site: www.spartanchassis.com/rv

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