Xantrex XC-Pro 2000W inverter

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Freedom XC-Pro (Sinusoidal, 2kw, 12Vdc and 120VAC), RV-C [USA]
Part Number: 815-3012

From the manual:
"The Freedom XC PRO 2000 inverter charger provides up to 2000 watts of continuous utility grade, sine wave power derived from a battery bank. It is designed to handle loads such as microwave ovens, TVs, DVD/Blu-ray players, and power tools. In addition, the Freedom XC PRO 2000’s high-surge capability lets you handle many hard-to-start loads, including full size residential refrigerators.

HMS-400 series - House Monitor System

HMS-400 series - House Monitor System Product Info Page


The HMS400 series monitor panel is a more compact example of the larger HMS touch panels. It's a good choice for tights spaces or where limited information and control is desired. It uses standard RV-C commands and is programmed via RV-C or USB in the field. This unit is seen in the Winnebago Adventurer and others.

HMI - RVC Power Monitor

Power & Frequency Monitor

Seen on many second tier Newmar coaches. Delivers data (as a transfer switch would) except the data-origin is not known ie. Shore or Genny. Otherwise, reliable RVC messages.


[If calling, choose #2 tech support--even for sales. Phones are rarely answered but this one has a message box. They may or may not call back.]

Xite Solutions

Xite Infotainment product page


Information Fused with Entertainment driven by RV-C and Silverleaf Technology

Based in Ontario, Canada and founded in 2008, XiteSolutions North America Inc designs and delivers premium Infotainment Systems to the Recreational, Commercial and Specialty vehicle markets. XSNA focuses on providing value-add solutions to their OEM partners that continue to deliver the latest technologies available to today’s drivers.

Winnebago - Adventurer 2020/2021


SilverLeaf Products and Locations

RV-C port - (TBA)

HMS405 - House Monitor System - (TBA)
HMS707 - House Monitor System - (TBA)
TM555 - Telematics Adapter and Gateway - (TBA)

LR125 (TBA)




Interfacing Products

Winegard (Connect 2) GPS (TBA)

Optional TPMS (TBA)

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