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SilverLeaf Products and Locations

HMS707 - House Monitor System - (Front OH, Bdrm)
OA600 - Oasis RV-C Node - (DS#4 Refer Compartment, Left base, against wall)
SPX300 - RV-C Monitor, External - (Water Works Comp)
TM102 - Total Coach Controller - (ODS#7, Left Wall upper)

HMS-700 (series) - House Monitor System

HMS-700, -707 - House Monitor System Product Info Page


The HMS700-series panel replaces the HMS360/365 with a wider touch-screen, more memory along with a faster processor. This upgraded model is otherwise considered the more evolved and interchangeable Total Coach Monitor; built upon the earlier HMS365 system. Its as-mounted dimensions are slightly larger than the HMS360-series; expect to enlarge the opening slightly when upgrading.


The ePlex system was used by Newmar (through MY2011) to manage the house and chassis functions on their highline coaches.

Our RVC (Can-Bus for RVs) system has been used instead since MY2012. In theory and practice these ePlex versions can be retrofitted to the same RV-C system. In practice, we've converted one, Newmar converted one. We each found it's ...difficult... A refit for a system with lighting/shades (etc) requires a significant tear-down and more than a month if a small team is available. We don't have that available. No one does ...however...

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